Minigolf Vuokatti

Have a nice time

Mini golf is a great way to spend time outdoors together with family or friends.
Minigolf is a low-threshold sport and is perfect for all ages.
The 17-hole course, located on Suvikkaanti next to the Honkalinna sauna and Suites apartments, has a variety of both easier and more demanding courses. Everyone certainly has their own challenges.
The rackets are of different sizes, so even the smallest in the family can participate in the game.

The minigolf course is progressed in numerical order, starting with course number 1. The hitting order is decided together among the group. The batting order can be changed during the game. Each player takes turns hitting all of their shots before the other player starts.
The goal is to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. To avoid traffic jams, the maximum number of shots on the course is 7 shots, if the ball does not go into the hole with 6 shots, the result is automatically 7 shots. In a congested situation, the group can play the track in a different number order. If the ball is against the edge of the track, it can be moved away from the edge by 10-20cm.

You must not disturb a player in the hitting turn or walk on the hitting line in the middle of a hitting.

Minigolf rental fee includes club and ball.

Minigolf for suites guests is included in the accommodation price, and guests staying elsewhere can play for a small fee.

Mini golf

Minigolf is a nice pastime and suitable for the whole family! There is a challenge for everyone at the mini golf course connected to Vuokatti Suites.
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