Honkalinna Panorama sauna

Honkalinna Panorama sauna

Magnificent Honkalinna Panorama sauna;
book a sauna shift, a sauna evening, or a small group meeting. Ask more!

The Honkalinna panoramic sauna is at your disposal when you stay in Suites apartments.
This wonderful landscape sauna offers wonderful views of Lake Nuasjärvi.
There is an outdoor swimming pool in front of the sauna, which is used all year round.
In winter, it works as an opening.

RESIDENT SAUNAS THU - SAT 7 PM - 9 PM until 13 April 2024

MIXED SHIFT, Remember your swimsuit!

You can book a private session in the Panorama sauna (50 min).
Before the residents' sauna shifts, there are 3 private shifts/day available daily, the times before the residents' saunas and the price of the shift is €50.

In the basic season, you can book a private shift Thu-Sat
at 16–17, 17–18 and 18–19
The price of a shift is €50/shift
- make a reservation, pay and sauna on your own schedule.

Tue-Sat (Christmas-New Year, weeks 8–10, Easter):

6pm–9pm Joint shift

- Private shifts can be booked Tues-Sat between 15-18

Maintenance weeks and closed periods:

14.4.-13.6.24, 9.9.-11.10.24, 28.10.-20.12.24

Reserve a sauna for your own use for the whole evening outside of sauna days!
Sauna for 20 people, the meeting room downstairs can accommodate 10–15.
Sauna evenings from €380/night + towel fee/person

Small group meeting
There is a small meeting room on the ground floor of the sauna, which can accommodate a group of about 10 people for a meeting.
The space has its own wifi connection and a large smart TV that serves as a screen for the meeting.
Prices from 60€/ 4 persons
Ask for an offer!

Own sauna shift

Start 50€/50min Book your own sauna shift before the resident saunas.
Book Own sauna shift