Booking and cancellation conditions


Vuokatti Booking Oy (service provider) is responsible for the operational activities of Vuokatti Booking. The service provider complies with these reservation conditions in its reservation services. These Booking Terms and Conditions become binding on both parties when the customer has made a booking. The customer is responsible for having familiarized himself with the above-mentioned documents before making the reservation, as well as the instructions related to making the reservation.

Booking and cancellation conditions for individual bookings

These booking and payment terms are valid if the booking is made directly through the booking system of Vuokatti Booking Oy's own website, by calling VB or by email.
Reservations made through other means may be subject to different reservation and payment conditions.

For cancellations, those who have booked through external booking channels such as Booking and Expedia and other external channels must still contact the booking channel through which they made their booking.

Hotel reservations are not covered by the Package Travel Act, but are dealt with by the Accommodation and Catering Ordinance.
We recommend travel insurance to our customers.

The service fee is €10 for reservations made directly through Vuokatti Booking Oy (phone or email) and €0 for online reservations.


  • The booker must be 18 years of age and fully responsible person/guests.

  • A written commitment from the guardian is required for minors staying without a guardian, which is delivered to the service provider at least 7 days before the start of the stay.

Online reservations made by the customer himself

  • When the customer books the accommodation himself from the online service, the customer accepts these Booking conditions and is responsible for ensuring that he has read the instructions related to making the reservation when making the reservation.

  • For these reservations, the reservation system immediately automatically sends a confirmation of the reservation to the e-mail address provided by the customer.

  • Online reservations are paid either by credit card or through a bank service.

  • The online reservation cannot be canceled, but its time can be changed once (1), (the new time of the reservation must be within 6 months of the original transfer time), when the notification of the change of time has been made 7 days before the start of the reservation.

  • The customer receives a booking confirmation with the invoice, which includes a description of the destination.
    arrival instructions will be sent to the email address given in the reservation on the day of arrival.

  • For online bookings, the Destination Description will be sent to the e-mail provided by the customer.
    The separate service provider does not send separate mail or confirmation of online reservations (the information will be sent to the e-mail when the reservation is made).

  • Passenger declarationmust be completed before arrival.

  • The customer must be prepared, if necessary, to present an identity document and a receipt for payment when requested.

CANCELLATION - When the reservation is made by phone or e-mail

  • Reservations made by email or phone can be canceled 7-14 days before arrival. (Reservations for high season weeks and event times 14 days before arrival).

  • Non-payment is not a cancellation, but the cancellation of the reservation must be made directly to the service provider.

  • If the customer has to cancel his reservation, he must notify the service provider of his cancellation immediately

  • Cancellation must always be made in writing or otherwise, taking into account the circumstances, in an appropriate manner to the address provided by the service provider.

  • Reservations can be changed or canceled no later than two (2) weeks before arrival.
    If the reservation is canceled no later than 14 days before arrival, the advance payment will be withheld.
    If the reservation is canceled less than 14 days before arrival, 100% will be charged.

  • If the cancellation occurs later than 14 days before the start of the service or the customer does not inform the service provider before the service starts that he will not use the service, the service provider has the right to charge the full price of the service.


    If the reservation is canceled before the start of the service, due to a sudden illness, imposed quarantine, accident or death of the customer or his next of kin, the customer has the right to get back the price paid for the service except for 30% of the total amount of the reservation.

  • The service provider must be notified of the incident immediately and an acceptable explanation (e.g. medical certificate) must be presented.

  • If the cancellation occurs after the rental of the accommodation has already started, the payments will not be refunded.

  • If the customer changes the destination, service or time, it is considered a cancellation of the previous reservation and a new reservation.

  • In cases of cancellation, compensation for the paid service can be applied for through any travel insurance.


  • If it is a case of force majeure, the service provider can cancel the reservation. The service provider must then notify the customer of the cancellation without delay. The customer then has the right to get back the total price of the service he paid.

  • Costs incurred by the customer due to force majeure will not be reimbursed.

  • The service provider has the right to cancel the reservation if the payment has not been made by the due date.


  • The holiday destination is available to the customer from 16:00 on the day of arrival until 12:00 on the day of departure.

  • The holiday destination has washing-up liquid for washing machine and hand, a couple of rolls of toilet paper and peflets for sauna use. The equipment also includes household and baking paper as well as filter and baking paper.

  • The equipment of the holiday property includes bed linen sets. (incl. sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase and hand and bath towel)

  • The normal temperature of the accommodation is 20–22 C.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in holiday apartments! If there has been smoking in the apartment, we charge cleaning costs (min. €300)

  • Final cleaning is included in the accommodation price, the following are required from the accommodated person;

    - furniture and other equipment in place and intact

    - trash taken to outdoor trash cans

    - dirty dishes in the dishwasher and the dishwasher on

  • We are not responsible for items left in the apartment.

  • If the customer loses the door codes or leaves the key inside the holiday destination and has to call a maintenance man to open the door during his stay, he is obliged to compensate the maintenance company's representative with a cash compensation of €50 as a door opening fee.


The vacation destination may not be used by more people than the number of beds indicated in its destination description.
The use of a mobile home or caravan or tent on the holiday plot without a permit is prohibited.


  • The customer is obliged to immediately notify the service provider or its representative of possible deficiencies, both in terms of the service and the apartment. If possible, they can then be repaired or compensated already during the stay.

  • If the customer has not been in contact with the service provider about possible problems during the rental period, he loses the right to possible refunds.

  • If any device or other equipment in the apartment breaks due to normal wear and tear, the Vuokatti Booking staff must be notified immediately so that the problems can be repaired as soon as possible. In such cases, e.g. the weekend may delay the repair.

  • No normal wear and tear of devices or other equipment will not result in Vuokatti Booking being liable for compensation.


  • The service provider or its representative has the right to terminate the rental agreement immediately, if the customer, despite the notice, does not stop causing disturbance to the residents of the same or neighboring property or otherwise violates the agreed housing practices.

  • The customer pays the costs incurred for the procedures (e.g. the visit allowance charged by the security company).

  • The service provider is not obliged to compensate for natural conditions, insects, ants, unexpected weather changes, construction work or structures on neighboring plots, equipment or other changes made by the owner that have not been notified to the service provider, or problems caused by a third party (e.g. interruptions of water, electricity or on the TV network) potential inconvenience or costs to the customer.

  • The apartments have a free Internet connection as an additional service for the customer. We try to fix possible disruptions in the connections as soon as possible during the office's opening hours. We do not grant refunds for the accommodation price based on possible disruptions/non-functioning of the Internet connection.


  • The service provider is not responsible for damage caused by a force majeure or other unforeseeable reason that the service provider or the trader used as assistance could not have prevented even by acting with the utmost care.

  • The service provider must inform the customer of the obstacle without delay and try to act so that the damage suffered by the customer remains as small as possible.

  • The customer must follow the instructions and regulations given by the service provider related to using the service, and the customer is responsible for damages caused to the entrepreneur or third parties.

  • If the customer does not use all the agreed services or uses them only partially, he is not entitled to a price reduction or a refund on this basis.

  • The customer is obliged to compensate the damage caused to the holiday destination or its movable property directly to the owner of the destination through the service provider.


  • Smoking is only allowed outside the resort and in a designated area.

  • Pets may not be brought to holiday destinations, unless otherwise stated. A separate additional fee of €60 is charged for pets, due to the extra wear and tear of the object and based on more detailed cleaning practices.
    If a pet has been brought to the destination not as agreed, an additional cleaning fee of +€150 will be charged.

  • The service provider is not responsible for allergy etc. problems for customers caused by unauthorized smoking or animal dust.

The rights to price changes are reserved.

Additional conditions for internet payment

Vuokatti Booking Oy operates only as a marketer and trader of products and services.

Visma Pay (formerly Bambora Payform) operates the payment brokerage service and payment service provider Visma Pay is operated by the domestic company Paybyway Oy, together with Finnish banks and credit institutions.
Visma Pay appears as the payee on the bank statement or card invoice and forwards the payment to the merchant.
In cases of complaints, we ask that you first contact the supplier of the product.